EU-SIGN Commissioning Event – Team Leader’s Speech

Dr Ibrahim Ozovehe YISA – 27 October 2017

It is a great privilege for me to welcome you all to this important occasion, which represents a key milestone in the history of the European Union Support to Immunization Governance in Nigeria (EU-SIGN) Project.

It has been a long journey, from the point when the Financing Agreement (FA) for the Project was signed between the Federal Government of Nigeria and the European Union on 7 March 2011. The Project, which is a continuation of previous supports by the European Union is part of the efforts to reposition the National Primary Health Care Development Agency towards fulfilling its mandate to the Nigerian people. In particular, the EU-SIGN Project supports NPHCDA to strengthen governance and management systems for the delivery of sustainable quality Routine Immunization (RI), within an Integrated PHC System in Nigeria, with focus in 23 States and the FCT. The Ministry of Budget and National Planning, which has played the key pivotal role in putting effects to the FA has been very supportive in ensuring that all the provisions under the agreement are successfully implemented.

On their part, the 23 Focal States and the FCT have been very responsive to the desired interventions, including PHC institutional reforms, which have been provided by the EU-SIGN Project, through the NPHCDA. Our activities have been carried out through collaborations with the World Health Organization and other partners that are supporting the agency. For us in the technical arm of the Project; it has been a great opportunity, while the experience has been highly rewarding.

Finally, we are here today to witness the summation of the results of these successful partnerships and collaborations between all actors, including the key government stakeholders in the strong desire and determination to improve the performance of the Nigerian Health System in general and Routine Immunization in particular, for the benefits of Nigerian People. On this note, I welcome you all and enjoin you to relax, while we take you through the rest of the programme.

Thank you.